Best Ways to Block or Mute on Discord (Step-by-Step)


Discord serves as a vital hub for engaging with friends, joining communities, and connecting with individuals who share your interests. However, there are instances when you may seek to reduce or control your level of interaction with certain users. Whether you’re looking for a brief respite from someone’s messages or need to completely prevent someone from contacting you, Discord provides effective tools for managing these interactions. This guide is dedicated to helping you navigate Discord’s mute and block features, ensuring you have a clear understanding of each function and know how to apply them according to your needs.

Muting on Discord: Understanding the Basics

Muting someone on Discord can be likened to pressing the pause button on their messages or presence in your digital space. Here are the key points to understand about muting:

  • Muting is Temporary: This feature allows you to temporarily silence someone’s messages or voice in a channel. It’s a flexible option, as you can choose to unmute them whenever you decide.
  • Selective Control: Discord gives you the power to mute someone for a specific duration or indefinitely. You have the choice to apply this mute within a specific server or across all your direct messages (DMs), tailoring the level of silence to your preference.
  • Privacy Respected: When you mute someone, Discord ensures your action remains private. The muted user will not receive any notification of this change in their status.

How to Mute Someone on Discord

Muting in a Discord Server:

  1. Find the User: Navigate through the member list on the right side of your chosen Discord server to locate the user you wish to mute.
  2. Access the Context Menu: Right-click on their username to open a menu filled with options.
  3. Initiate Mute: Select “Mute” from the menu. You’ll be presented with a submenu to choose how long you want the mute to last, ranging from preset durations to an indefinite period.

Muting in Direct Messages:

  1. Open DMs: Click on the Discord icon at the top left to view your Direct Messages list.
  2. Select the Conversation: Open the conversation with the person you’re aiming to mute.
  3. Access User Profile: Click on their username at the top of the DM window to bring up their profile.
  4. Find Mute Option: Click the three-dot icon in the top right of their profile banner and select “Mute,” choosing the duration just as you would for server muting.

Blocking on Discord: Establishing a Firm Boundary

Blocking on Discord is a step up from muting, offering a more definitive separation between you and another user. Key aspects to remember include:

  • Complete Separation: Blocking someone on Discord stops them from sending you direct messages and from seeing your online status.
  • Notification Indirect: While Discord does not send a direct notification to the blocked user, they may infer they have been blocked due to the inability to interact with you as before.
  • Server Interaction Remains: Blocking does not remove the person from any mutual servers. You might still see their messages in those servers, subject to the server’s moderation rules.

How to Block Someone on Discord

The blocking process is straightforward and consistent across devices:

  1. Locate the User: You can block a user from your DM list, within a server, or from their profile directly.
  2. Access Their Profile: Either click on their username at the top of a DM or right-click their name in a server’s member list.
  3. Initiate Block: Click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of their profile banner and select “Block.” Discord will ask for confirmation before applying the block, hiding their messages in your DMs upon confirmation.

Additional Considerations

  • Muting vs. Blocking: Evaluate your needs carefully—mute for a temporary solution, or block for a more definitive separation.
  • Mutual Server Dynamics: If complete separation is necessary, consider leaving mutual servers in addition to blocking the user.
  • Reporting: For instances of serious harassment or rule violations, consider reporting the user to Discord’s Trust & Safety team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can someone tell if I’ve muted them on Discord?

A: There is no direct notification for muting, but users may notice if their messages go unanswered in a server where others are actively communicating.

Q: Does blocking someone remove them from mutual servers?

A: No, blocking affects direct messages and personal interaction. The user will still be part of any mutual servers, unless removed by server administration.

Q: Can I unmute or unblock someone I previously muted/blocked?

A: Yes. Here’s how:

  • Unmuting:
    • Servers: Find the muted user in a server’s member list, right-click their name, and choose “Unmute.”
    • DMs: It’s currently not possible to directly unmute someone in DMs. The mute will expire after its set timeframe.
  • Unblocking:
    1. Click the gear icon (Settings) in the bottom left corner.
    2. Select “Privacy & Safety” from the left panel.
    3. Scroll to the “Blocked” section to find a list of blocked users.
    4. Click the “X” icon next to the username you wish to unblock.

Q: I’m being harassed. What should I do?

A: If someone’s behavior goes beyond mere annoyance and enters a pattern of harassment or makes you feel unsafe, use these additional tools:

  • Collect Evidence: Screenshot messages and note the date/time of any incidents.
  • Report to Discord: Access the report function by clicking the three dots near their message and choosing “Report”. Provide details and evidence where possible.
  • Reach Out to Server Moderators: In shared servers, let a moderator or admin know about the behavior.
  • Seek Outside Help: If necessary, contact trusted individuals or report to authorities if harassment involves threats or illegal actions.

Taking Back Control on Discord

Discord is built for communities and connections, but you should always feel in control of your interactions. By understanding how to mute, block, and report, you equip yourself with essential tools for maintaining a comfortable and positive experience on the platform.


  • You are not obligated to engage with anyone who makes you uncomfortable.
  • Your mental health and well-being take priority.
  • Discord and server moderators can assist in more serious situations.

With this knowledge, you can navigate Discord with more confidence and focus on the interactions that truly matter!

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