How to Record a Discord Call on iPhone (2024 Guide)


Discord, widely known for its robust communication features, has become a go-to platform for gamers, communities, and even businesses. Recording Discord calls on your iPhone can be invaluable for reviewing game strategies, saving memorable conversations, or keeping a record of important discussions. However, recording these calls on an iPhone requires a specific approach. This guide will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Before we jump into the technical steps, it’s crucial to address the legal aspect of recording calls. Always inform all participants in the Discord call that you intend to record and ensure you have their consent. Recording without consent can lead to legal issues, depending on your location and jurisdiction.

Using iPhone’s Built-in Screen Recording Feature

The easiest method to record Discord calls is by using the iPhone’s built-in screen recording feature. Here’s how:

  1. Enable Screen Recording in Control Center:
    • Open ‘Settings’ on your iPhone.
    • Navigate to ‘Control Center’.
    • Find ‘Screen Recording’ and add it to the ‘Included Controls’.
  2. Start Your Discord Call:
    • Open the Discord app and join or start a voice call.
  3. Begin Recording:
    • Swipe down from the upper-right corner of your screen (or up from the bottom, depending on your iPhone model) to access the Control Center.
    • Tap the screen recording button (a circular record icon).
    • A three-second countdown will begin before your iPhone starts recording the entire screen, including audio.
  4. End the Recording:
    • To stop recording, open the Control Center again and tap the red screen recording bar or the record button.
    • The recording will be saved automatically in the Photos app.

Tips for Optimal Recording Quality

To ensure the best quality for your Discord call recordings, consider the following tips:

  • Use a Strong Wi-Fi Connection: This reduces the risk of lag or call drops during recording.
  • Limit Interruptions: Activate ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to prevent notifications from disrupting the recording.
  • Check Storage Space: Make sure you have enough space on your iPhone to save the recording.
  • Test the Feature First: Do a trial run to ensure the audio records correctly and you are familiar with the start and stop processes.

Alternate Method: Third-Party Screen Recording Apps

If you need more functionality than the built-in screen recorder offers, consider using a third-party app. Apps like TechSmith Capture and Record it! offer additional features like editing tools and more control over recording settings.

  1. Download a Third-Party App: Search for a reputable screen recording app in the App Store and download it.
  2. Set Up and Record: Follow the app’s instructions to start recording your Discord call. These apps typically have a user-friendly interface that guides you through the process.

Post-Recording: Editing and Sharing

After recording your Discord call, you might want to edit the footage. You can use video editing apps available on the App Store to trim the recording, add captions, or combine it with other videos. Once edited, you can share your recording directly from your Photos app or through file-sharing platforms.


Recording Discord calls on an iPhone is a straightforward process, thanks to the built-in screen recording feature. For those requiring more advanced functionality, third-party apps provide a great alternative. Remember to always be mindful of the legal and ethical considerations surrounding recording conversations. By following these steps, you can conveniently capture and preserve important moments from your Discord interactions.


1. Does screen recording capture both audio and video on Discord calls? Yes, the iPhone’s screen recording feature captures both audio and video during the call.

2. Can I record Discord video calls as well? Yes, you can record video calls using the same process as for voice calls.

3. Are third-party screen recording apps safe to use? Choose reputable apps with good reviews and ratings in the App Store to ensure safety and privacy.

4. How long can I record a Discord call on my iPhone? The duration depends on your available storage space and battery life. Ensure ample storage and a charged battery for longer recordings.

By leveraging these methods, you can effectively record and utilize your Discord call recordings for a variety of purposes, enriching your digital communication experience on this popular platform.

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